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Here at JRS, we focus on the challenges faced on a daily basis, preparing you for your job better than any other site in the world. Our job exchange program is based on the simple idea that everyone here is a leader and a vital piece to any corporate structure. As such we are very selective in our membership, limiting the user community to high end workers from all walks of life and high end headhunters from across the world.

Being a member here requires you to first be invited by an existing member. They will need to sponsor your application, which will need to gain the support of additional members. Once accepted, you will be tested and rated against scores from our community members to ensure your addition is wanted by the community. To be blunt, we will not give membership to a person who may not meet their expectations.

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A pet project started as a joke in the 1990s, JRS began to pick up steam in the development world. High end consultants, database experts, and network analysts flooded in, seeking a break from the typical job engines available on the web. A decade later we are a very select group of the elite working class as well as company representatives who wish to fill jobs with much more talented individuals. The recruiters here are all started from top technical companies seeking individuals for six figured salaries and today the requirements are even more strict. Our current community thrives on sharing our experiences and ensuring the very best jobs are filled by the very best people.

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As an elite site, it does little for our community if we are not continually adding additional job opportunities. On our own we would simply lack the contacts to reach the right people, yet through our network of companies, we are able to network through corporate relationships and continue to expand our reach. At this time we are involved with companies in over 100 countries around the world, all the very best at what they do and willing to pay for the best talent available. We handle companies from every walk of life from insurance to construction to our roots in the technical world.

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This site is the ultimate tool for any job. What we provide here, is vastly more important than the jobs you may aquire. By recruiting members from all walks of life, friends of friends, all experts in their respective field, we have been able to create a hive mind unlike any other. Every member is an author here, creating or expanding our living documents to ensure knowledge is preserved. There are no additional costs for access to the ARk or for receiving newsletters for your job specialty. Your only requirement is to share your knowledge and experiences with the rest of the community, ensuring increased value in JRS.